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At Picopros, we are dedicated to providing unmatched value to our readers through fact-based news and analysis to the pico projector and advanced displays communities.  Our video reviews allow readers to experience game-changing products in a way nobody else can provide.  We pride ourselves for being in constant contact with our community - both teaching them about products and helping them choose what is right for their unique needs.


After years of following the development of these markets from the sidelines, we decided to leverage our technical expertise, patent know-how, and network of communications to benefit the masses.  We report on all relevant competitors and intellectual property in the pico projection and advanced displays space.  We hope you benefit from our passion and commitment to this exciting emerging field in the consumer electronics industry.  Feel free to let us know how we can better serve our readers!


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The Picopros Team

Rich Marganski
Web Development and Co-founder
Rich is currently the Web Development Lead for, utilizing his solid background with using a number of popular web technologies, in hopes of garnering much attention to the pico projector market with the site. Rich brings with him a strong int
Paul Marganski
Co-founder and Technology Evangelist
Paul Marganski resides in Connecticut and currently manages projects related to new product development for a medical device company.