AAXA M4 - The Projector You Have Been Waiting For


We have finally gotten around to checking out the AAXA Technologies M4 Projector. Is it worth the wait? Find out here at Picopros.


The AAXA M4 projector is a little large in comparison with other projectors that we've reviewed. At a size of 8.3" * 5.3" * 3.1" and weighing in at 2.44 lbs, it is certainly not pocketable. But, it IS portable, or mobile is what AAXA has labeled this projector to be.


Although it comes with a larger size, the AAXA M4 also comes included with larger display specs. This thing sports a whopping 800 lumens, which do not disappoint. In our dark room setting, it's basically like watching a normal flat screen television, but what gives it an advantage over a normal flat screen is the display size output. Flat screens are limiting in that they require a lot of dedicated space. The AAXA M4 requires a very small footprint and is capable of 150" displays with a very short throw ratio. One word... WOW. 


A unique feature on this projector is the coaxial cable input. Basically, you can connect one of those HD TV antennas to this projector and watch cable TV on the AAXA M4. That is a differentiating feature from all other projectors in this size range. At least, it's the first time I've seen it in a projector of this size.


In regards to portable power and mobility, there is an internal Lithium Ion battery that, according to AAXA, will retain 85% of the original battery capacity after 1000 charges. In ECO mode, you should be able to get a straight 90 minutes of video play. And because the battery will retain most of it's original capacity, that amount of time will not decrease very much going forward.


Audio options are also pretty impressive. There are 2 speakers outputting 2W each, but if that is not enough you can add an external amplified speaker system using the 3.5mm headphone output jack. Personally, I would have liked to see Bluetooth audio output on this device which would be nice if you have a bluetooth speaker. That would make for a fantastic outdoor theater system while camping or boating, etc. Also, there is an integrated equalizer to fine tune your treble or bass. That was a nice touch.


So check out the AAXA M4 if you are looking for the power of an overhead projector in a small package that is mobile.


Check out AAXA for more info: http://aaxatech.com/products/m4_mobile_led_projector.html

Direct link to Display Performance video: http://youtu.be/-Y64SARivpI

Direct link to Menu Settings video: http://youtu.be/ssmcdCR7fXY