Celluon Officially Announces Two Laser Pico Projectors

Celluon Airpico Widescreen Logo.png

Projector Data Sheet

Monday, Celluon officially announced the launch of two new pico projectors.  Anticipated for a few months now, these new laser pico projectors, called the PicoAir and the PicoPro (no affiliation with us) boast HD laser pico projection technology from MicroVision.  In fact, both products offer 720p HD resolution at 30 lumens of brightness.  Because they use laser light, the images are always in focus and produce rich, vibrant colors (80,000:1 contrast ratio).


The PicoAir is the more "entry-level" product at $299.  It supports MiraCast and DLNA wireless streaming, allowing users to project huge images (up to 250-inches diagonally) from their mobile devices.  The PicoPro offers all the same wireless connectivity as the PicoAir, but offers HDMI connectivity and a larger battery.  The PicoPro pricing starts at $349.  Both products will have bundling options at the time of introduction toward the end of January.


Be sure to check out the full data sheet (attached here) and let us know what you think using the comments section below.  We will be getting a review unit very soon, so stay tuned to Picopros.com for more!!



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