ImageAMMO Teams Up With LINKETT To Transform Your Shopping Experience

ImageAMMO-LINKETT Widescreen Logo.jpg

ImageAMMO and LINKETT have announced a new partnership agreement today (see attached file for the full Press Release).  The companies will work together to bring the ImageAMMO Wrapper technology to LINKETT's retail solution.  LINKETT enables consumers to use their mobile device to have a seamless shopping experience.



Paired with ImageAMMO, the LINKETT retail platform will be able to provide an unmatched online and in-store shopping experience.  The ImageAMMO Wrapper technology will allow customers to access key product information, demonstration videos, and a host of other data - all experienced within a virtual 3-dimensional environment.  The ImageAMMO software is a natural fit for LINKETT's real-time marketing platform.  With the emergence of Apple Pay with the iPhone 6, solutions such as LINKETT will become increasingly popular.



While this partnership is not related to pico projection, we wanted to highlight this milestone given our experience with ImageAMMO with devices such as the SmartPico wireless pico projector.  ImageAMMO allows projector enthusiasts to experience their mobile content in an entirely new way.  We look forward to seeing continued progress for both LINKETT and ImageAMMO.


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