IRIS Indiegogo Launched!


IRIS is a Heads Up Display for your car that we featured in a podcast a few months ago. They have just launched their Indiegogo campaign to raise a goal of $50,000. Check out the details of the campaign here:


There are a few ways to support IRIS. First, buy putting in $99 now, you can have your own IRIS reserved at a special price when it is released. This results in a $150 savings because the unit will retail $499, but if you put in $99 now you can pay the $250 later, which means the unit will end up costing you $350.


Another way to support is pay a full $299 now to reserve an IRIS HUD now, and that's all it would cost you. That is a $200 discount from retail. But there is a limit of 25 units for this option, so if you don't get one at $299, you can pay $349 for the same thing, limited to 50. 


All the above use a DLP engine, but you can upgrade to a MEMS laser scanning unit for $699, which provides a more crisp image and lack of ambient glow.


So, if you are looking for a HUD for your car, check these guys out!




Indiegogo Campaign:

Pico Prospective Podcast with IRIS: PICO PROSpectives Ep 14 - Iris Heads Up Display