Picopros Presents: The Aaxa Technologies LED Android Projector

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LED Android User Manual

We are entering very exciting times in the portable projection space.  From very humble beginnings, these devices have matured to the point where they have become quite viable solutions for many people, not just technology enthusiasts.  For Aaxa Technologies, the LED Android projector is a great example of this.


The Aaxa LED Android projector is the company's latest offering in the portable HD projector space.  Sporting 550 lumens of output using a 20,000 hour LED light source, images will be bright.  Utilizing a 720p HD pico chipset (presumably LCoS), images promise to be sharp as well.  With an abundance of connectivity options, as well as support for WiFi and Bluetooth, you'll be able to connect just about anything to the LED Android projector, including support for screencasting from your mobile device.  And, as its name suggests, this projector has Android 4.2.2 embedded, with full access to the Google Play store.  You might expect to spend a hefty ransom for this mobile beast, however Aaxa Technologies has managed to somehow keep the cost below $500 - an amazing feat!


After receiving the LED Android projector, we took some time to play around with it.  We downloaded apps, played games, watch movies...all the typical things you would do with a projector of this ilk.  In all cases, the LED Android impressed us.  But, before we get into all of that, check out our overview of the Aaxa Technologies LED Android projector.



Suffice to say, the LED Android is a good-looking projector, even if it is a tad modestly designed.  Build quality is decent, but respectable considering the price point (again, just $499).  However, it's what is inside that truly counts (didn't your mother teach you that?).  Utilizing a dual-core processor and 1GB RAM, the LED Android promises smooth operation, which is exactly what we experienced.  The menus are well laid out and very intuitive, making the LED Android easy-to-use right out of the box.



Manu navigation is always fun (is it really??), but let's get to the really good stuff: projection quality.  During this review, we didn't have access to our 7-foot projection screen, but that posed no problems for the LED Android projector.  This mobile beast easily lit up a large image on a less-than-ideal wall - and looked great doing it.  This is the true test of a good projector.  A very realistic scenario.  Couple the superior image quality of the LED Android with dual 2-watt speakers, and you have one heck of a mobile cinema.


Check out our full review below to get a true appreciation of the multimedia quality of the Aaxa Technologies LED Android projector.  Whether it's a YouTube video, gaming, or even a presentation, the LED Android is set to impress.  With the embedded Android operating system, you no longer need to be a slave to a laptop.  Simply toss the LED Android in your bag and you can project anything your heart desires, ANYTIME.



We really enjoyed our time with the LED Android projector from Aaxa Technologies.  The addition of features like Android 4.2.2 and wireless screen mirroring of your mobile device really set this projector apart from the rest.  Features such as these are the future of mobile projection and Aaxa Technologies on leading the way.  Be sure to let us know what you think using the comments section below.



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