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Aaxa Technologies P3 Manual

Recently, Aaxa technologies announced the launch of their latest pico projector offering, the P3.  This latest offering aims to fill the need for a well-featured device at an ultra-low price point of only $269.  While not as bright as the P4 we recently reviewed, the P3 actually has higher resolution.  As soon as it was available, we were able to get our hands on the P3 pico projector.  After plaing around with it for about a week, here are our thoughts on the P3 LCoS pico projector.


The P3 pico projector from Aaxa Technologies uses an LED light source with LCoS panel to generate a bright, high-resolution image.  Specifically, the P3 generates 35 ANSI lumens at WSVGA resolution (1024x600).  This is quite impressive for such a small, battery-powered device.  When in wall charger mode, the P3 can generate a whopping 50 ANSI lumens.  In addition, this latest device from Aaxa has lots of great features that we will dig into.  It seems that LCoS technology is making continued strides to keep pace with (or even exceed) the competition.  Pico projector companies are now setting the foundation for future growth opportunities.


As far as packaging is concerned, the P3 is minimalistic to say the least - and this is okay.  At this price point, you can't expect extravagant materials of construction, touch screens and the like.  Functionality is paramount for devices in this segment - and the P3 delivers.  Importantly, the P3 is able to connect to just about any video source, including full-HDMI and USB.  With the supplied UBS adapter, you can connect a USB thumb drive to the P3 and launch photos, videos, and office documents with ease.  This alone is a feature that many other pico projectors can't claim.  For a full breakdown of the features of the P3 pico projector, check out our unboxing video below:




Upon firing up the P3 pico projector, the brightness makes itself known.  Even in moderate lighting, a very nice image appears.  In battery-powered mode, the P3 produces 35 ANSI lumens.  To get the full brightness of 50 ANSI lumens, you would want to plug the unit into a wall socket.  Nonetheless, the lower-lumen setting is bright enough for a 4-foot image in controlled-lighting environments.


As far as features go, the Aaxa P3 has all the basics and a couple nice extras.  It can handle your typical composite and VGA input sources, as expected.  What is especially nice is the full-HDMI port and the ability to connect to a USB thumb drive (via the mini-USB port adapter).  This takes the place of any embedded memory or SD memory card slot on the device.  In addition to this, the P3 has a 1W embedded speaker.  In use, however, this turns out to be underpowered - fighting to overcome the whirl of the cooling fan.  Nonetheless, this is a fairly minor issue, in our opinion.


Image quality is quite good for the P3 pico projector.  At WSVGA resolution, images appear crisp and smooth.  During our testing, some images appeared washed out.  However, colors were generally good - reds appeared the most vibrant to us.  When playing fast action content, the P3 performed admirably. 


Overall, we really enjoyed our time with the P3.  For such a low-priced unit, it offers a great set of features and has very acceptable performance.  While its aesthetics are somewhat demure and the embedded speaker underwhelms, we find it hard to identify any major drawbacks with this device.  Although some may take issue with the limited 65 minute battery life.  The Aaxa Technologies P3 pico projector would make an excellent business companion for presentations or extended desktop applications.  In addition, the P3 can definitely be used for in-home entertainment, such as movies, gaming and the like.  Be sure to check out our full review video below and refer to the operators manual in the attached PDF file.  Let us know what you think using the comments section below the article. 






Below are the specifications and features for the Aaxa P3 pico projector:



Max Resolution:1280x768 (WXGA)

Native Resolution:1024x600 (WSVGA)

Max Brightness (DC):50 Lumens

Max Brightness (Battery):35 Lumens

Contrast Ratio:1000:1

Projection Lens:Manual Focus

Projection Image:Available Size 7 ~ 80 inch

Lamp:Triple RGB LEDs with Vibrant Color Technology
Life 15,000hrs

Projection Angle:33.4°


Audio Output:1W internal speaker
Stereo speaker/headphone mini-jack

Color:Soft Black

File Playback:USB Host reader

Menu Language:English, Spanish, German, Portugues, Italian

Aspect Ratio Control:16:9

Battery Life:65+ minute Li-Ion battery life

Dimensions:4.6" * 2.6" * 1.4"

Weight:0.8 lbs

Power Consumption:11.5w

Power Supply:5V 3.0A

Supported Formats:JPG/BMP/PNG
AVI/FLV/MPG/RMVB (not all formats)

Conformances:CE, FCC Class A


Video In:HDMI
VGA (mini-VGA)
Composite A/V (3.5mm Jack)

Audio Out:3.5mm Stereo Headphone Jack

USB:5 Pin Mini USB 1.1


Tripod, Composite AV Cable, Wall Charger, Remote Control, VGA cable, Mini USB to Female USB adapter

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