Picopros Reviews The World's Brightest Pico Projector - The Aaxa Technologies P4

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Aaxa P4 Projector Manual

We figured that more advanced pico projectors were coming, but the P4 from Aaxa Technologies caught us by surprise.  Billed as the world's brightest pico projector, the P4 generates up to 80 lumens of brightness at WVGA (858x480) resolution.  Suffice to say, we were extremely excited when we learned that Picopros would be among the first to review this leading-edge device.


The P4 pico projector is a fantastic device.  Not only does it offer high brightness and resolution, but it contains a plethora of unique features.  In addition to the DLP® projection chipset, the P4 accepts a number of video inputs, including composite video, VGA, and even full-sized USB connectivity.  To finish things off, this projector also has an SD flash drive, expandable up to 32GB (this USB connection also doubles as the interface for a wireless keyboard).  Be sure to check out our review video for a demonstration of the keyboard.  One of the most unique features of the P4 pico projector is the Windows CE operating system.  This operating system allows the user to access all the typical Office files, such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.  Not to mention, Windows Explorer is conveniently available as well.


Aaxa Technologies has done a beautiful job with the P4 projector.  Compact, yet feature-rich, the P4 is pushing the envelope of what is to be expected from a high-end pico projector.   That said, the $339 price tag is anything but "high-end".  In fact, we are very impressed with the value-to-dollar ratio of the P4 pico projector.


Being a DLP® projector, the image quality is top-notch.  Colors are rich and vibrant.  The P4 makes the most of this 80 lumen pico chipset - it is noticeably bright.  That said, the images are not washed out, as is the case with some of the brighter pico projectors.  At WVGA resolution, you might also expect some pixilation at 48 inches.  Here, the images appeared crisp and sharp.  Aaxa Technologies has squeezed every bit of performance out of this design.


In addition to a fantastic projection engine and a multitude of video inputs, Aaxa has included a full Windows CE operating system, as well as connectivity with a wireless keyboard.  In our demonstration, you can see just how easy and intuitive it is to navigate the user interface with this keyboard accessory.  Simply connect the small USB stick to the back of the projector and you can instantly get started - with no need to touch the projector again.  Again, with the Windows CE operating system, you can surf the internet and even launch all of the popular Windows Office documents.


To be fair, we do have to point out one minor issue with the Aaxa P4 projector: fan noise.  Immediately upon firing up the unit, the sound is quite noticeable.  Furthermore, the 1-watt internal speaker isn't nearly loud enough to overcome the constant buzzing.  This said, we still feel this is not a deal-breaker.  The vast majority of pico projectors lack adequate sound.  Most users will, instead, opt for external speakers or headphones.


With the P4 DLP® pico projector, Aaxa Technologies is taking quite a leap.  Image quality and features are a cut above the competition.  And, at a mere $339, it is a very affordable option.  We were extremely impressed by this latest offering from Aaxa Technologies.  Be sure to consider the P4 when shopping for your next pico projector.