The SmartPico Wireless Pico Projector is a Home Run

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At Picopros, we often get the opportunity to review new pico projectors before anyone else.  This is the result of our dedication to this emerging class of projectors and our commitment to do fair, comprehensive reviews for the OEMs who offer these amazing products.  As such, we are the world's first company to be able to bring you a review of the SmartPico wireless streaming pic projector from Accupix.  The company, which has been around for quite some time, is now entering the portable projection space.  The SmartPico - their first pico projector product - is the equivalent to a lead-off homerun in baseball.  They have knocked it out of the park.  This pico projector, which will retail for $399 MSRP, is an amazing bargain, yet with premium features and construction.  Check out our first impressions below:



The SmartPico is intended to enable users to access all their mobile content on their main device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) and experience it in an entirely new way.  By wirelessly projecting images of 60-inches or more, users can now truly enjoy their multimedia content without the need for annoying cables.  What's more, with a built-in Android operating system (4.2 Jelly Bean), users don't even need to use their smartphone to access content.  Once paired to a WiFi network, the user has full access to the Google Play store for apps.  With 8GB of built-in memory (and up to 64GB via an SD Memory Card slot), users can load lots of photos, videos, etc. to the SmartPico, further negating the need for a host device.  And, with a 4,200mAh battery, you get over 2-1/2 hours of run time.  Check out our initial evaluation of the projection performance below.



After playing around with it for a few days, we put the SmartPico through its paces.  As a stand-alone device, the SmartPico is a veritable ultra-portable PC with a gigantic display.  However, if you prefer to use your smart device, you can download the MiraControl App and use your phone/tablet as a remote control for the SmartPico.  Check out a demonstration fo this feature below.  



Another great way to use the SmartPico is to mirror your smartphone/tablet.  By pairing the SmartPico to your device, you can project everything that is on your 4 or 5-inch screen at 60-inches or more from just 78-inches away (1.2:1 throw ratio).  That's right - emails, internet browsing, gaming, and more - all experienced in a truly immersive way.  The With built-in stereo speakers (0.7W each), you can both see and hear your video like never before.  Mobile content no longer has to suffer from a tiny display and shoddy speakers on your phone.



Overall, the SmartPico offers a truly amazing experience.  With the possibility for the pico projector to work with or without a host device, the user has more flexibility than ever before.  With an embedded Android operating system, large memory storage, wireless screen casting, Bluetooth compatibility, stereo speakers, the SmartPico offers more that any other pico projector on the market.  Accupix has really entered the pico projection segment in a BIG way.  We look forward to seeing much more from the company, so stay tuned to Picopros for more to come.  Let us know what you think about the SmartPico in the comments section below!




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