Sony Ericsson Wants to Put a Laser Projector into a Mobile Phone


Patent Application

Today, the USPTO published a patent application assigned to Sony Ericsson titled, "Visual laser Touchpad for Mobile Telephone and Method".  This application seeks to cover aspects of a mobile phone related to mobile embedded projection.  Specifically, Sony Ericsson makes claims related to an embedded laser projector that produces an image that can be manipulated remotely by the user.  We have covered Interactive Touch Projection several times on Picopros.  In the world of pico projection, laser light sources are considered to be the "elegant solution", as they produce rich, vibrant images that are always in focus.  Could Sony Ericsson be aiming to work with MicroVision or Aaxa technologies - the two leading suppliers of portable laser projectors?  


Specifically, Sony Ericsson claims:


1. Portable electronic equipment, comprising a projector adapted to project an image, a sensing device adapted to sense views including a view of a projected image by the projector, and a control adapted to respond to a change in the sensed view of the projected image to provide an input to the portable electronic equipment.


And further:


2. The portable electronic equipment of claim 1, comprising a mobile telephone including a radio adapted to transmit and receive communications.

3. The portable electronic equipment of either of claims 1 or 2, said projector comprising a laser projector.


Have a look at the attached PDF of the patent application.  It is a very interesting read and gives you some insight into what Sony Ericsson is working on.  We'll be sure to provide any updates on this work.

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Don't forget there was a rumor Sony was collaberating with Opus Microsystems in 2010:



Link: Opus expected to land scanning mirror chip orders from Sony

Thanks... great info!

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Paul, what have you disclosed in your disclosure? You "may own"? Don't you think you should mention the specific company/companies you own shares in? Here's a link to the NY Times ethics for journalists 


specifically B3 

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A good question for MVIS would be does Opus infringe on any MVIS patents.

In my experience, a public company will not comment on possible infringement of their IP. Paul

Paul Marganski

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True....MVIS doesn't have the money to enforce their patents anyway. Maybe a better question would be one asked on MVIS's Displayground Blog where you posted some questions a couple of days later to be asked as well...>>> 

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