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Pico projectors continue to evolve, as manufacturers continue to add more and more features, while improving performance, while also reducing cost.  The latest example of this is the P300 pico projector from AAXA Technologies, which we recently announced.


The P300 is the latest 300 lumen 720p HD LED projector to hit the market.  This DLP® beauty offers a wide range of features in a palm-sized form factor for just $419 on the AAXA Technologies website.  With the P300, you can connect just about any video source and display images up to 120" in size.  For added flexibility, AAXA has even included a microSD memory card slot and a full USB input.  Amazingly, this projector can operate in battery mode for about 75 minutes, generating 160 lumen HD images (battery sold separately).  This makes it the brightest battery-powered pico projector on the market.


As soon as we received our review unit, we published a short video announcing its arrival.  Our first impressions were that the AAXA P300 is a well-built projector.  The sleek design is quite attractive.  Its black and white housing is modern, without making it look out of place in an office or home, though the shiny black top attracts some fingerprints.  The layout of the navigation buttons and video inputs is simple and intuitive.  Overall, we love the aesthetics of the P300 pico projector.  Check out some photos of the P300 HERE (you'll need only to download the FREE ImageAMMO Player).



With the AAXA P300, you have a small, yet powerful, entertainment and business projector.  Firing up the unit in a brightly-lit room, we easily created a nearly 7-foot image that was quite useable.  However, when the lights were dimmed, the experience was remarkable.  We were greeted with a bright, crisp, and colorful image.  AAXA has done a great job squeezing maximum performance out of the 1280x800 DLP® chipset.


Still images produced with the P300 were both colorful and clear.  Although the focus knob is a little tricky to optimize, once the optimum focus is obtained, it is maintained even when moving the projector around a bit.  With video, the AAXA P300 also performs flawlessly.  Again, the projected colors are great, with excellent contrast.  Blacks are deep and brighter colors pop off the screen.  We did not notice any "rainbow effect" with the P300, which is a minor complaint with some DLP® projectors.  Also, there was no hesitation when projecting video with this pico projector.  Overall, the performance of the AAXA P300 is fantastic.



With the P300 from AAXA, you can expect to be very pleased.  For a mere $419, you can have a very bright 720p DLP® projector with all the video inputs you will ever need.  In addition, its diminutive size and optional battery make it the most travel-friendly 300 lumen pico projector on the market.


Let us know what you think of the P300 from AAXA Technologies using the comments section below.  Also, be sure to comment on the YouTube video and give it a "thumbs up" if you like it.



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