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PGA will test shot distance trackers on three tours

Not surprisingly, the PGA has been hesitant to let golfers use distance trackers on the course. In theory, they take all the challenge out of picking the right club. The association isn't stuck in its ways, however. Officials have announced that they....... Read More
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Congress just gave ISPs the green light to sell your browsing history to strangers

In a vote today, House Republicans passed a bill that would undo FCC privacy rules surrounding how internet service providers can collect and use customers' data. In essence, it gives a green light for ISPs like Comcast and Time Warner to collect all kinds of data from your internet browsing, analyze it, use it to target ads, or just sell it to the highest bidder. The vote today in Congress follows a similar vote last week in the Senate, and was the last major obstacle for the bill. The President still has to sign the bill, but the White House has Read More
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NBC will finally air all of the Olympics live, across time zones

Today NBC announced that for the 2018 Winter Olympics, it will finally back off of its hated policy of tape delaying significant portions of the games. In 2016, it streamed much of the competition live, but segments like the Opening Ceremony and each....... Read More
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Tropical Cyclone Debbie Looked Massive and Furious From the Space Station

Although tropical cyclone Debbie, yesterday a Category 4 beast, has now been downgraded to a tropical storm carrying a severe weather warning, this footage of the cyclone at near peak intensity captured from the International Space Station will make you glad you don’t live on the eastern coast of Australia.
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iOS 10.3 fixes a nasty Safari bug and includes hundreds of other security fixes

Apple yesterday released iOS 10.3 for the iPhone and iPad, an update that brought with it a number of interesting new features, including a new "Find My AirPods" feature and a brand new file system dubbed APFS (complete with full disk encryption) that Apple originally introduced at WWDC last year. Lurking beneath the surface of iOS 10.3, however, are a number of important security updates worth highlighting. iOS has always been a rather robust OS, but as the rec.... Read More
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Robot Nathan Fillion is here to make you think 'Destiny 2' is charming

You'd think with its shooter MMO Destiny receiving its final content addition today, its creator Bungie would give it a moment gracefully riding into the sunset before championing its replacement. But an image leaked earlier this week sparked rumors....... Read More
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Uber Puts Tokens in PR Machine, Finally Releases Long-Delayed Diversity Report

If Uber was hoping the release of its first ever diversity report would deflect from its recent string of PR calamities, it thought wrong. Released Tuesday, the report and accompanying EEO filing are unimpressive at best, even by Silicon Valley’s notoriously low standards for diversity. Women make up less than a…Read more....... Read More
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Rising Sea Levels Could Decimate Southern California Beaches by 2100

Using a new computer model, scientists predict that upwards of 67 percent of Southern California beaches could be severely damaged by rising sea levels in the next 80 years. Read more....... Read More
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HTC’s new flagship phone might make the Galaxy S8 look boring

For the last three months, "Android news" has been synonymous with "Samsung Galaxy S8 leaks." It does make sense, as Samsung has been the only manufacturer to sell a serious number of high-end Android phones every year, and the Galaxy S8 likely won't reverse that trend. But HTC does have a history of making good stuff. The first HTC One won awards across the board for a design that was different and elegant, and now a new report suggests the new HTC U will have a genuinely gr.... Read More
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Scientists recreate the female menstrual cycle on a chip

Scientists don't understand as much as they'd like about the female reproductive system, both due to their historical exclusion from studies and the challenge in replicating the complexities of that anatomy. At last, however, there's progress. Resear....... Read More
Source: Engadget - 1 hour 14 min ago At Bat and NHL are first to launch personalized app icons on iOS 10.3

 The At Bat and NHL iOS applications have been updated today to take advantage of one of the new, but still under-the-radar features available in the just launched version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 10.3: personalized home screen icons. That’s right – you can now replace either of these apps’ default icon to one featuring your favorite… Read More Read More
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The best smartwatch for iPhone is Apple Watch, but not the one you think

Whether you're looking to track your fitness goals, access important emails, or simply tell the time at a glance, the perfect smartwatch should be an indispensable extension of your smartphone. Since many Apple loyalists view their iPhone as an indispensable extension of themselves, it only made sense to find the very best smartwatches for iPhone users on the market. Continue reading... Trending right now: Read More
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You Won't Be Able to See Or Hear This 36-Hour Nano-Scale Endurance Race

One month from today, a record-setting race will be held in Toulouse, France. Teams from around the world will race nano-scale vehicles built from less than 100 individual atoms, at blistering speeds of up to five nanometers per hour. To put that in perspective, it would take these microscopic cars almost 37 million…Read more....... Read More
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Uber plans to ditch Denmark over new taxi laws

Uber likes to think of itself as an enabler of small business, a connector of independent contractors with people who need a ride. Unfortunately for the San Francisco-based company, many places around the world disagree. The company's latest setback....... Read More
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New Pirates of the Caribbean Featurette Confirms a Fan Favorite Theory

We know that Orlando Bloom is returning to the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, but we haven’t gotten an actual glimpse of Will Turner in the footage we’ve seen so far. Now, we are at least sure we’ve seen his genes.Read more....... Read More
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Ikea is now a smart home company, and the end times are near

Never one to let an opportunity to slap a hard-to-pronounce name on a new line of products pass it by, Ikea has decided it's time for it to jump head first into the smart home market. The company just launched a new line of connected lighting accessories that it calls Trådfri, which is apparently Swedish for "wireless." The lights can be controlled through a variety of means and thankfully Ikea has adopted one of the more popular smart home standards to make the whole system work. Read More
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Windows has a heart of trash

 I did a bad thing. I opened a bad file and it borked my PC. So as part of the grand tradition of frustrated tech bloggers calling on enormous companies to conform to their expectations, here is my rant on how terrible computers are — Windows ones, this time anyway — and how they ought to be. Read More .... Read More
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Democrats demand the FCC tackle cybersecurity

Two Democrats in Congress are imploring FCC head Ajit Pai to address cybersecurity issues in the United States, arguing vulnerabilities in cellular networks infringe on citizens' liberties and pose a "serious threat" to national security. Sen. Ron Wy....... Read More
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The one accessory every Nintendo Switch owner needs is somehow discounted on Amazon

The Nintendo Switch is hands down the hottest device in consumer electronics right now. It's impossible to buy in stores, and it's nearly as difficult to find online. In fact, the only way you can get one right now is to pay a premium and buy a Nintendo Switch from a reputable seller on Amazon. If you're lucky enough to already have a Switch though, you know that there are two things you absolutely need that don't come in the box. The first is at least one game.... Read More
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DNA Is Being Collected to Protect Sex Workers, But It Could Also Be Used Against Them

Nearly a decade ago, Dallas police proposed a new program designed to get sex workers off the streets. Rather than just send them to jail, police would set up shop at truck stops, accompanied by counselors, social workers and nurses, and give the sex workers a choice of either prison or talking to a counselor. But…Read more....... Read More
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