Picopros Reviews the Latest HD Projector from Optoma: The ML550

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CTX Virtual Technologies Announces the World's First Green Laser Keyboard

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Today, CTX Virtual Technologies has announced that they have created the world's first true green laser keyboard.  Utilizing new green laser diodes, the keyboard is up to three times brighter than the existing red laser keyboard.  In addition, this new prototype is small enough to fit on a keychain and can run for 2 hours on a single charge.  The green laser diode used generates 50mW of output at 520nm.


Happy Halloween from Picopros!


Happy Halloween! Check out our unique holiday decoration using the AAXA OEM-250!


We Talk HD Pico Projection with Compound Photonics

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Our third official episode of "Picoprospectives" is now live!  In this podcast, we talk with Scott Niesen, Director of Marketing at Compound Photonics.  Specifically, we cover topics including Osram's new green laser diodes, Lemoptix Head-up Displays (HUD), and many details about Compound Photonics and their full-1080p pico projection technology.


AAXA's Limited Edition Mini Projector, the OEM-250


We recently had the chance to review the limited edition projector made my AAXA, the AAXA OEM-250. AAXA hits the sweet spot between price and performance with this one. At only $269 this projector provides vibrant video at 250 lumens.


Google Acquires Flutter, Aims to Bring Gesture Control to Your Mobile Devices

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In a move to broaden its mobile capabilities, Google has acquired Flutter.  This gesture recognition technology utilizes the camera on your mobile device to detect hand movements and control applications like iTunes, Spotify, and Pandora.


Picopros Reviews the Latest HD Projector from Optoma: The ML550

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We've reviewed all the latest portable projectors.  In fact, our YouTube Channel has over 130 review videos.  So, we know what we're talking about when it comes to what features and performance people are looking for.


Is 1080p Resolution Really Necessary for Pico Projection?

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Recently, we had the opportunity to discuss pico projection with Dale Zimmerman, VP of R&D at MicroVision, a leading developer of laser-based microdisplay technology.  We covered a number of topics with the company, including the maturation of their Gen 2 PicoP design, their recent partnership announcements for bringing the technology to market, and the evolving ecosystem that will bring pico projection to the masses.   


Open Project is a Fascinating Way to Share Your Mobile Content

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Today, we came across a fascinating new project called Open Project.  With the support of Google Research, the project aims to change the way we share and interact with our mobile content.  Using the camera on your mobile device, you "pair" the system by scanning a QR Code.  Once paired, you can share and manipulate your content on a much larger display, simply by moving your mobile device.


We Talk Pico Projection with Optoma on Picoprospectives

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Recently, we had the privilege of having Jon Grodem of Optoma on our new podcast series called "Picoprospectives".  Hosted by George Tucker of AV Nation, we discuss all the latest news in the portable projection space, including some new Disney Research projects and Apple's new foray into the pico projection space.


Leap Motion Gesture Control Coming to Laptops This Fall

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TechCrunch is reporting that HP will introduce the first laptops with Leap Motion gesture recognition technology this Fall.  This follows from a development agreement between the companies just six months ago.