Picopros Reviews the Latest HD Projector from Optoma: The ML550

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Hitachi Continues to Develop its Laser Pico Projection Technology

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Today, a new patent application published titled, "Optical Module and Scanning Image Display Device" assigned to Hitachi.  This most recent application covers aspects related to temperature control of the display engine to improve its overall performance.


The Alcatel One Touch Hero Offers a Laser Pico Projector Accessory

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Recently, Alcatel One Touch announced a new phablet, called the Hero.  With some impressive specs, including a 6" full HD display, a quad-core processor, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal memory, and even an E Ink cover case.  But, what has our attention riveted is the pico projector accessory.


Lemoptix to Demostrate Its Latest HUD Prototype at IAA Frankfurt

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This week, Lemoptix will be demonstrating a protoype of its head-up display (HUD) technology. Utilizing its proprietary scanning MEMS mirror technology, information can be displayed directly on the windshield of a vehicle to enhance driver safety.  By using a laser light source, images will always appear sharp and bright - even in full sunlight.


PicoProspectives Podcast Episode 1 is Live!

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It's official!  Our new podcast show PicoProspectives is live.  In our inaugural episode titled, "Can You ConnectTRx?  We do.", we discuss the history of Picopros, the latest pico projection news, and chat with Anthony Link, CEO of ConnectTRX.  Be sure to listen to the show HERE.


Osram Cranks Up the Power on Green Laser Diodes

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Today, Compound Semiconductor is reporting that Osram has developed a green laser diode capable of generating up to 250mW of output at 520nm.  Amazingly, these diodes are also capable of producing 150mW with an 8.7% WPE.


Man Creates an Interactive First-person Shooter Archery Game

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Our friends at DigInfo TV are always reporting exciting new technologies.  Today, they have published a new video showing how one man has created a fully-interactive first person shooter using an archer's bow and some sensors built into the grip.  It's not unlike the gaming gun that Engadget demonstrated back in 2009, though this archery concept appears all the more refined.


Overhyped for Years, Pico Projectors May Finally Be Ready for Prime Time

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We've been following pico projectors since 2006.  Among the earliest models was the Optoma PK101, a relatively small unit with very modest performance.  However, even with this paltry performance, hype over pico projection was rapidly increasing.  A number of companies went on to invest many millions of dollars to improve the performance of the technology.


Aaxa Technologies Introduces Two Exciting New Projectors

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Aaxa Technologies, a leading provider of portable projectors, has announced the introduction of two exciting new products, the LED Pico and the OEM250 Micro projector.  


Disney Brings Haptic Feedback to Gesture Control with Project AIREAL


Disney is at it again.  Their forward-looking research department has just published a new and exciting project, named AIREAL.  Using specialized vortex generators, the research team is able to augment hands-free gesture control with haptic feedback.  As gesture control matures, the problem of the lack of physical contact is a real problem.  AIREAL addresses this by providing a physical response to a user's activity.  Check out the video below for a great demonstration of this exciting technology!


Compound Photonics Acquires Semiconductor Manufacturing Facility to Scale Up Laser Production

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Today, Compound Photonics has announced that it has acquired Europe's largest gallium arsenide (GaAs) manufacturing facility from RFMD.  The company will use the facility to scale up production of their green, red, and infrared laser diodes used for head-up displays and compact HD pico projectors.  This latest acquisition follows on a recent announcement we highlighted a few month ago whereby Compound Photonics acquired laser diode assets from Alfalight.