Picopros Reviews the Latest HD Projector from Optoma: The ML550

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Google Buys Stake in AR Eyewear Partner Himax

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Things are heating up for Google Project Glass.  We've been reporting all the latest news on the subject, including some details on what display technology they're using.  


Exclusive Look at The Acer K132 DLP 3D Projector

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We love getting our hands on new stuff.  This time, we were fortunate enough to get an exclusive look at the Acer K132 DLP projector. What's so special about the K132?  How about 500 ANSI lumens at 720p HD resolution?  How about the fact that it is palm-sized?  How about the DLP display engine that has 10,000:1 contrast ratio?  How about a 30,000 hour lamp life?  How about connectivity to just about any video source?  Is that enough for a beautiful projector for under $500?  We think so.   Be sure to check out our first imressions of the Acer K132.  We will be following up with an in-depth analysis of this beautifully-designed projector.  


Beacon Audio Looks to Blow Away the Competition with the Blazar Mobile Speaker

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Today, Beacon Audio is announcing its latest audio product, the Blazar bluetooth speaker.  The Blazar was designed from the ground up to produce amazing sound.  The result is something that quite literally blows away the competition.


Finally! A Mainstream Tablet with Embedded Pico Projector

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It's finally here!  A fully-functional tablet with an embedded pico projector!  After teasing the device for some time, SmartDevices has officially started shipping the U7 tablet.  Among the first to receive a review unit was GigaOM.


Pico Projector Update for The Week of June 17 2013

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We post a lot of information related to pico projection on our website, Facebook Fan page, Twitter, and our YouTube channel.  So, there is a good chance you've missed some of our updates.  Check out the video below for a nice snapshot of the latest updates for the week of June 17th.  We cover lots of topics, from Google Glass to the Apple iWatch, to Lemoptix commercialization of their laser-based pico projection technology.


Acer Introduces New Hybrid Laser Projector

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Today, Acer is introducing the all-new K520 hybrid laser projector.  This exciting new offering utilizes both LED and laser illumination to create an unmatched visual experience.  In addition to exceptional lamp life, the hybrid laser technology produces vivid images with exceedingly high contrast ratio.  The K520 features:


Share HD Content With The Ultra-low Cost Aaxa P2 Jr. Pico Projector

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We've seen nearly every pico projector on the market.  However, when the P2 Jr. arrived from Aaxa Technologies, we had to check it our right away.  Why?  This little device pumps out 720p content at 55 lumens.  Even better, it costs only $199!   


First Look at The Aaxa Technologies P2 Jr Pico Projector

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At Picopros, we pride ourselves on reviewing all the latest devices in the pico projection space.  Thus, we are extremely happy to bring to you the all-new P2 Jr. pico projector from Aaxa Technologies.


Create Your Own Mobile Cinema with ConnectTRx and WOWee ONE

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Recently, we announced an exciting new line of products from ConnectTRx that allow you to wirelessly stream HD content from any MHL/HDMI-compatible device to another display, such as an HDTV or projector.  Utilizing a 60Ghz frequency, these devices give you full-1080p streaming with no latency, making it perfect for high action content, such as movies and gaming.


Picopros Talks Pico Projectors With AV Nation

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Recently, we had the privilege of talking all-thing pico projector related withGeorge Tucker and Timothy Albright of AV Nation and .  On this podcast special, we dig into pico projectors, what they are, what they can do, and some interesting applications of the technology.