Picopros Reviews the Latest HD Projector from Optoma: The ML550

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ConnectTRx Brings Wireless HD Multimedia Streaming to The Masses

ConnectTRx Widescreen.jpg

Tired of complex wiring of your multimedia devices?  Frustrated with buying expensive cables for each of your smartphones, tablets, and gaming devices?  Well, ConnectTRx might just have the solution you are looking for.  Their wireless transmission technology allows for streaming of full HD content from any HDMI/MHL-enabled device to you HDTV, projector, or any other HDMI-compatible display.


The Icebook Shows Projection Mapping Done Right


Projection mapping is an intriguing application for pico projectors.  We have certainly shown applications of the concept in the past.  Well, here is another wonderful demonstration of the concept by Davy and Kristin McGuire.


JVC Kenwood Launches Pico Projector Head-up Display

JVC-Kenwoods-Heads-Up-Nav-System Widescreen.jpg

JVC Kenwood has announced the commercial introduction of the MDV-737HUD aftermarket head-up display (HUD) system for vehicles.  Looking to compete with the laser-based HUD from Pioneer, JVC Kenwood's HUD utilizes LCoS imaging technology to project information on a transparent window near the rearview mirror of the vehicle.


Picopros reviews the ACER H6510BD Projector

ACER H6510BD Projector

ACER's H6510BD is a fairly large conference room style projector when compared to the pint-sized pico projectors that we're used to seeing here at Picopros. So what makes this projector unique? First, it's relatively inexpensive for a projector of it's kind. Second, it's 3D ready; something new we're seeing in the projector market.


PMA Reports Impressive Growth for LED Projectors

PMA Widescreen Logo.jpg

Recently, Pacific Media Associates (PMA) reported their quarterly report for projectors.  While worldwide sales of projectors was down slightly compared to last year, the portable and pico projection segment saw robust growth.  From PMA: 


Man Creates Head-up Display for His Bike Using a Pico Projector and Rasperry Pi

Raspberry Pi Widescreen Logo.jpg

We've seen lots of creative uses for pico projectors.  Now, a man has created what amounts to a head-up display (HUD) for his bicycle using a Raspberry Pi computer and a pico projector.  Matt Richardson, a self-described "creative technologist, maker of things, video producer, and writer", is the inventor of this system.  While the current iteration projects only speed, he has plans to add functionality such as GPS in order to project directions and maps.  It is a pretty cool project, so check out the video below to see it in action.


The Konka S1 Mirage Packs 3D Projection in an Advanced Smartphone

Konka S1 Mirage Widescreen Logo.jpg

Pico projector fans, rejoice!  Recent chatter indicates that an all-new smartphone is on the way.  The Konka S1 Mirage is poised to make a big splash, boasting many advanced features, including an embedded DLP® pico projector.   


Leap Motion Announces Strategic Collaboration with HP

Leap Motion Widescreen Logo.jpg

Leap Motion and Hewlett Packard have announced a strategic collaboration to bring 3D motion control to HP devices.  Initially slated as a bundling deal, where the Leap Motion controller would be supplied with HP devices, the companies forsee the introduction of products with embedded motion controllers.  Leap Motion's revolutionary technology will, no doubt, change the way we interact with our mobile devices.  Browsing, gaming, and general tasks will all benefit from the touch-free interface that Leap Motion has developed.


Aaxa Technologies Introduces New HD Pico projector

Aaxa Widescreen Logo.jpg

Today, Aaxa Technologies has announced their latest product offering, the P2 Jr. This latest offering boasts a 720p HD displayu engine that pumps out 55 lumens of quality DLP content. It has the latest connectivity, making it a great companion for smartphones and tablets. With a 2 hour battery life, the P2 Jr. makes it a MUST-consider option among battery-powered pico projectors. The best part: it is available for pre-order now for a mere $199. Be sure to check out the attached PDF for all the details!


An In-depth Look at Google Glass

Google Glass Widescreen Logo.jpg

A new video from Google X Lab shows some exciting new details about Google Project Glass.  Aimed at developers, this presentation gives an inside look at the augmented reality eyewear. Specifically, a first-hand demonstration is given, as well as a discussion about their "Mirror API" that will be available. This is a very exciting talk that gives a new appreciation for the device and how it will forever change how we manage our mobile content. This is a MUST SEE.