MicroVision Licenses Their PicoP Technology to Sony

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Today, laser pico projection technology developer MicroVision has announced that it has successfully signed a multi-year licensing agreement with Sony.  As stated in previous announcements, Sony plans to incorporate the PicoP display technolgoy in their own products, as well as sell the engines to other companies.  For example, Celluon has recently announced two products that incorporate the technlogy, the PicoAir and PicoPro wireless HD laser pico projectors.  We actually just received the PicoPro (no affiliation with us) and posted a quick video of the product (check it out below).


MicroVision Announces Collaboration with Another Global Electronics Brand

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Today, leading developer of laser-based pico projection displays MicroVision has announced that it is collaborating with a major global electronics brand on an "innovative smartphone product incorporating their PicoP display technology.  The companies plan to work together on this with a possible product introduction in the second half of 2015.


MicroVision to Supply UPS with Display Modules for Package Guidance System

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Today, MicroVision announced that they will be supplying custom display engines to UPS for a new package guidance system.  Utilizing their proprietary PicoP technology, these modules will project instructions onto packages in an effort to increase process efficiency at a UPS sorting facility.  


MicroVision Confirms Sony as Their Fortune Global 100 Partner

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Today, MicroVision has announced that Sony Corporation is their Fortune Global 100 consumer electronics partner, who is developing an advanced laser pico projection engine, utilizing MicroVision's proprietary PicoP technology.


Sony Officially Announces It Is Getting Into The Pico Projection Space

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In a press release just published, Sony Corporation has announced that it has developed a high-definition laser pico projection module.  Utilizing MicroVision's PicoP technology, this tiny module can produce 720p HD resolution images with superior image quality that is always in focus.


How to Choose the Right Pico Projector

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It's that time of year when it seems nearly everyone is asking us which pico projector to buy.  To help, we have re-published an article on this topic.  Hopefully, it helps you decide which pico is best for you!


MicroVision Receives $4 Million Purchase Order from Pioneer

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Today, MicroVision has announced that it has received its first purchase order for PicoP® Gen2 technology from Pioneer Electronics.  This initial order is in excess of $4 million for key components, including the MEMS and electronics.  These components will be combined with laser diodes from Pioneer's suppliers to be incorporated into their Cybernavi augmented reality head-up display product (AR-HUD), which is targeted for launch in July.


Caught in The Wild - The Seeser Laser Pico Projector

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Readers of Picopros will know that we have been following the Seeser laser pico projector by ESPlus for some time now. In fact, we were all but sure that this pico projector had launched last October. Since then, however, the company has been very quiet about the Seeser, leading many to believe that the product had been canceled. Well, that thinking can officially be put to rest. One of our dedicated (and anonymous) readers had exclusive access to one of these awesome projectors and sent along some initial photos. Have a look below:


Microsoft Research Creates Multi-touch Interactive Projector

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Well, the folks at Microsoft Research are at it again. This time, they have created a wearable multi-touch interactive projection system by combining a Kinect module (utilizing PrimeSense technology) with a laser pico projector from MicroVision.


MicroVision Demonstrates Interactive Touch Projection at CES

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Engadget has published a (very) brief video of MicroVision demonstrating its PicoMagic™ technology.  Here, the company is demonstrating the interactive touch projection with what appears to be the ImageAMMO™ application that we have demonstrated on Picopros.