WOWee ONE and MicroVision Team Up to Revolutionize Your Mobile Content Experience

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Today, WOWee ONE and MicroVision are announcing a collaboration which will join two revolutionary mobile technologies to create a truly immersive mobile content experience.  By combining WOWee ONE's Gel-Audio® technology with PicoP® display technology from MicroVision, the companies are combining cutting-edge sight and sound into a mobile package.


MicroVision to Demonstrate Advanced PicoP Display Engine at CES

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MicroVision and WOWee Team Up to Bring You a True Mobile Theater Experience

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We are big fans of the MicroVision ShowWX+ laser pico projector.  It produces vivid, colorful images that are always in focus, thanks to the PicoP® technology.  Now, MicroVision and WOWee are teaming up to unlock a superior user experience.  The ShowWX+ is now being bundled with the WOWee ONE portable speaker.  The WOWee ONE provides up to 20 hours of listening enjoyment, thanks to its rechargeable internal battery.  The 2-watt speaker produces extended low frequency sounds as well, to ensure nice, clean bass.  Together, the ShowWX+ and WOWee ONE can give you a superior mobile theater experience.  Read below for the full Press Release:


Microsoft OmniTouch System Enables Wearable Multitouch Projection Everywhere

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Microsoft Research is at it again.  This time, they have created OmniTouch, a wearable multi-touch projection system in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University.  Echoing some of the features demonstrated in Pranav Mistry's SixthSense project, the OmniTouch leverages the capabilities of a laser-based projector (ShowWX+™ from MicroVision) along with a depth-sensing camera from PrimeSense.  Here is a look at the prototype created for the research: 


ESPlus Releases New Seeser Laser Pico Projector

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ESPlus of Korea is releasing its Seeser laser pico projector at the Korea Electronics Show this week. 


MicroVision to Demonstrate 3D Pico Projector

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Projection Mapping is Gaining Traction

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People are finding all sorts of unique ways to use pico projectors.  A trend we have been monitoring is known as projection mapping. Basically, real-life objects are augmented by projected images that are overlaid.  In some cases.  We thought we share a few of these with you.


Projection-enabled Surgery is an Intriguing Application for Pico Projectors

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In a recent post, MicroVision unveiled an interesting concept for projection-enabled surgery.  Specifically, researchers at the ARTORG Center of Computer Aided Surgery at the University of Bern in Switzerland are creating a visual display application that can help guide surgeons when performing operations.  From the MicroVision blog post:


More Evidence that Apple is Developing Pico Projection for Future Products

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Today, the USPTO published application 20110197147 assigned to Apple, titled "Projected Display Shared Workspaces".  Described within are a number of concepts utilizing pico projectors to enable multi-user interactive projected displays.  You can access this patent application using the button to the right.


Intel Aims to Expand its Presence in the Pico Projector Market

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Today, Intel signed an agreement with MicroVision to expand distribution of the ShowWX+™ laser pico projector.  While this isn't the first time these two have joined forces, this agreement is clear evidence that Intel remains interested in pico projection.  In Intel's own words: