MicroVision Unveils ShowWX+ with HDMI Interface

ShowWX+ HDMI Widescreen



MEMS Technologies Enabling Advanced Mobile Displays

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MicroVision ShowWX+™ Teardown

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 Okay pico projector fans...THIS is cool.  Some guy has done a full teardown of the MicroVision ShowWX+™ laser pico projector.  It was posted on his YouTube Channel and a fellow pico-phile ("tetrimbath") alerted us to the video.  Our thanks for his diligence!


USPTO Publishes MicroVision Patent Application for Interactive Touch Projection

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Today, the USPTO published patent application 20110164191 assigned to MicroVision titled, "Interactive Projection Method, Apparatus, and System".  This application describes various methods for generating a projected image that is capable of being manipulated by the user without the need to handle the host device.  In fact, the projected image can be manipulated by the use of a person's finger - think portable SMART Board™.


MicroVision ShowWX+™ Will Ship to Japan in Q3

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Rundex Introduces the Oyap Panda Laser Pico Projector

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We have a fantastic community of readers at Picopros.  Today, we received a tip from one such person.


MicroVision ShowWX+ in Apple Stores - See What it Can Do for You

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Earlier today, we announced that MicroVision would be making their ShowWX+™ laser pico projector available in the Apple online store for EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa).  To give you an idea of the importance of this announcement, we wanted the share a specific application tailored for pico projection on iOS devices: ImageAMMO™.


Sony Ericsson Wants to Put a Laser Projector into a Mobile Phone


Today, the USPTO published a patent application assigned to Sony Ericsson titled, "Visual laser Touchpad for Mobile Telephone and Method".  This application seeks to cover aspects of a mobile phone related to mobile embedded projection.  Specifically, Sony Ericsson makes claims related to an embedded laser projector that produces an image that can be manipulated remotely by the user.  We have covered Interactive Touch Projection several times on Picopros.  In the world of pico projection, laser light sources are considered to be the "elegant solution", as they produce rich, vibrant images that are always in focus.  Could Sony Ericsson be aiming to work with MicroVision or Aaxa technologies - the two leading suppliers of portable laser projectors?  


MicroVision ShowWX+ Laser Pico Projector Coming to Apple Stores in EMEA

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Today, MicroVision announced that it's ShowWX+™ laser pico projector will be available in Apple online stores in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) starting this month.  At Picopros, we've highlighted the ShowWX+™ many times and was the first in the world to performed a product review of the device.


Wired Magazine Looks at Four Portable Projectors

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Wired magazine recently published an article comparing four portable projectors.  These include: the WowWee Cinemin Slice, Optoma Neo-i, MicroVision ShowWX+, and the Aaxa technologies L1 v2.  Overall, the Cinemin Slice and Neo-i scored the highest.  While we don't agree with everything Wired had to say, their reviews are very informative.