MicroVision and Pioneer to Jointly Commercialize Innovative Laser Display Products

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Today, Microvision (NASDAQ: MVIS) and Pioneer have announced a joint agreement between the two companies to "develop, manufacture and distribute display engines and display engine subsystems for consumer and in-vehicle head-up displays (HUDs) using the MicroVision PicoP® laser display technology".


Speculation for Microvision PicoP® in iPhone 5 Still Churning

Last Friday, rumor of a pico projector being in Apple's iPhone 5 sent shares of Microvision (NASDAQ: MVIS) soaring.  At one point, Microvision shares were up 48% - for the day.  The stock closed that day at $1.58, up about 10%.  Since then, shares of Microvision have continued to ramp, trading at $1.88 early Tuesday.  What is so surprising here is the longevity of the strength.  Perhaps it has nothing to do with the original rumor?  Perhaps it is just daytrader activity?  Perhaps something else?


Netflix & Microvision – A Match Made in Heaven?

Netflix has recently altered their pricings plans a bit and now include a ‘streaming only’ option that will allow the customer to watch a limited selection of movies on their computers, Playstations, Wiis, etc… The most important thing to focus on with this new ‘streaming only’ option is the ability to stream videos on your iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad because this offers a huge chance for pico projectors to use this and attract much needed attention their way.


Battery Life Testing of Microvision ShowWX+™

Recently, we performed some battery testing of Microvision's ShowWX+™ laser pico projector.  To do this, two movies were created - one completely black movie and one completely white movie.  These extremes would challenge the ShowWX+™ in two ways:  the movie showing only white would require all three lasers to be "ON" for the entire time (thus giving the worst-case battery life); the movie showing all black would keep all three lasers "OFF" for the entire time (thus giving the best-case battery life).  Each movie was driven from a 2nd Generation iPod® Touch to the ShowWX+™ using the composite video to iPod® adapter supplied by Microvision.


Microvision ShowWX+™ Has Higher Resolution than Original ShowWX™

Based on our initial review of ShowWX+™ versus original SHowWX™, we received some questions (and criticism) for the fact that the resolution of the two devices didn't seem to match up.  We communicated that this was, indeed, the case, but that was met with doubt (for the most part).


World Premiere - Microvision ShowWX Versus ShowWX+

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Mcrovision was kind enough to send us a sample of their latest projector, ShowWX+™.  This makes Picopros.com the very first website to review Microvision's latest offering!


Microvision ShowWX+ Unboxing - World Premiere

We have the honor of being the first website to unveil the Microvision ShowWX+™ to the world.  Here is a short clip showing the packaging and accessories included with this new product from the guys and gals in Washington state.  Very impressive packaging!  Check out the video below.


Microvision Surging - Up 17% Intraday on Strong Volume

Microvision (NASDAQ: MVIS) shares are surging 17% in early trading on volme of over 500k shares in the first half hour.  No news has been released yet.  We'll keep you updated if we hear anything related to this.


Ricoh Getting into Scanned Laser Projection

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Earlier this year, the Ricoh Company announced that they were launching a projection systems business with the goal of achieving sales of 150 billion yen (nearly $1.8 billion) in FY2015.


Pico Projector Standoff - Microvision ShowWX™ Versus Optoma PK-201

We recently had the opportunity to compare the original Microvision ShowWX™ laser pico projector to the Optoma PK-201 LED-based pico projector.  The Microvision ShowWX™ has 10 lumens of laser-based lumen output, while the Optoma PK-201 boasts 20 lumens of LED-based output.  Both units are battery-operated.  See out previous reviews of the Optoma projectors for more detail on their projectors.  Scroll down to the bottom to see a video of this review.  Also, there is an attached pdf file of photos taken during the review.  Please note that ShowWX™ is on the left and the PK-201 is on the right in the video and photos.