What to Expect at Microvision’s Q3 2010 Earnings Conference Call

While there has been no official company press release for the Q3 2010 earnings conference call, it is expected that Microvision will host their call within the next week or so.  Yahoo! Finance shows the event occurring on Monday, October 25th, but the accuracy of this has not been confirmed.


Pico Poll - Who is the OEM for the High-end Media Player?

With the news of the OEM for Microvision's "high-end media player" coming in the next weeks, we thought we'd take a moment to collect the thoughts of our readers.  To date, we have heard much speculation regarding names such as:  Motorola, Uniden, Panasonic, Kodak, Sony, Apple, as well as many others.


Capcom Joins the Fun with the Intel-Microvision Gaming Gun

Today, Microvision announced that Capcom has joined Project Tuatara collaboration.  Capcom brings a wealth of gaming knowledge - and credibility - to the collaboration.  "Lost Planet 2" will be showcased at Intel's Extreme Masters this weekend.


Seiko Epson Has a New Twist on the Scanning MEMS Mirror

On October 7, 2010 the USPTO published patent application 20100253990 assigned to Seiko Epson Corporation titled, "Mirror Device Drive Control Apparatus and Projector".  Essentially, this application discusses methods for reducing the start-up time of a scanning mirror device.  The application states:


General Motors Files a Slew of Intellectual Property on Heads-up Display

GM Widescreen Logo.jpg

We were quite amazed to see, on October 7th 2010, that the USPTO had published 22 patent applications assigned to General Motors relating to Heads-up Display (HUD).


Reader Article - Personal TV: Why This 800lb Gorilla Is Your Friend

Recently, we asked readers to submit articles related to pico projection.  Here is one of the first that we received from John Cappello.  It details one reader's view on the future of mobile television consumption.  Thanks John!


Kyocera Patent Application Shows an Interesting Projector Configuration

Kyocera Widescreen Logo.jpg

On September 30, 2010 the USPTO published a new patent application assigned to Kyocera Corporation. Patent application 20100248792 shows a mobile phone concept utilizing an internal projector to create a backlit display. Not only this, the projector functions as the light source for both the primary and secondary displays of a clamshell-type design. Claim 1 states:


ImageAMMO™ Software Projected with Microvision ShowWX™

In response to our call for photos, one of our readers, Richard Parri, sent us this picture of a recent demonstration of ShowWX™ projecting his software, ImageAMMO™ through an Apple iPhone.


Microvision Raises $12.5 Million Through Azimuth

This morning, Microvision announced that it has raised $12.5 million through its agreement with Azimuth.  The company issued 6,277,275 new shares.  Azimuth purchased these at a 10% discount to a trading period in which Microvision requested them to execute.  This equates to a purchase price of $1.99/share (or $2.21 before the discount).  Read my previous comments on the Azimuth financing here.


Corning Clarifies G-2000 Launch Timing

After some confusion on the various Microvision message boards, I contacted Corning Investor Relations regarding the timing of the production launch of the G-2000 green laser.  After a conversation with one of their directors, I verified that the G-2000 production launch is now slated for the first half of 2011.  Earlier this year, the launch was indicated as being late-2010.