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SmartPico - Mirroring Display from Android

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The SmartPico Wireless Pico Projector is a Home Run

SmartPico Widescreen Logo_1.jpg

At Picopros, we often get the opportunity to review new pico projectors before anyone else.  This is the result of our dedication to this emerging class of projectors and our commitment to do fair, comprehensive reviews for the OEMs who offer these amazing products.  As such, we are the world's first company to be able to bring you a review of the SmartPico wireless streaming pic projector from Accupix.  The company, which has been around for quite some time, is now entering the portable projection space.  The SmartPico - their first pico projector product - is the equivalent to a lead-off homerun in baseball.  They have knocked it out of the park.  This pico projector, which will retail for $399 MSRP, is an amazing bargain, yet with premium features and construction.  Check out our first impressions below:


Check Out the Celluon Airpico HD Laser Pico Projector

Celluon Airpico Widescreen Logo.png

At IFA Berlin this week, Celluon has been showcasing their latest products.  Among these is the Airpico laser pico projector.  While details are scant, we do know that the Airpico uses a 720p HD laser pico engine, which produces rich, vibrant images.  It utilizes WiFi to stream content wirelessly from your smartphone or tablet.  Wireless streaming is fast becoming a "must-have" feature for pico projectors.  The Airpico looks to push the envelope in the ultra-portable projection space.


The SmartPico Pico Projector is Coming to Picopros!

SmartPico Widescreen Logo_1.jpg

Last year, we highlighted a family of prototype devices from Accupix.  One of these devices was the SmartPico wireless pico projector.  Utilizing proprietary wireless streaming capability, the SmartPico allows the user to stream content from a smartphone or tablet and project large images for a truly immersive experience.


Spheree Uses Pico Projectors to Create a 3D Perspective-corrected Display

Speree Widescreen Logo.png

Spheree is a fantastic new project that utilizes 8 pico projectors and gesture control to create 3D perspective-corrected displays.  Taking advantage of Leap Motion's highly-accurate gesture detection technology, users can interact with the virtual display to experience things an exciting new way.


We Talk Projection Watches, Holographic Projection, and Rural Education on Our Latest Podcast

OMPT Widescreen Logo.png

Our latest video podcast is now available!  In Episode 8 of Picoprospectives, we talk about the Ritot Smartwatch and Ostendo's holographic projection technology.  Best of all, we talk with the folks at OMPT, a fantastic group of people who use portable projectors to educate people in rural locations around the globe.


TouchPico is an Interactive Touch Pico Projector and is Coming Soon!

TouchPico Widescreen Logo.jpg

We've been waiting for the TouchPico for a long time.  Finally, it is coming!  In less than 24 hours, the TouchJet group has raised nearly $55,000, which nearly funds its Indiegogo campaign - with 29 days to go!


The Acer C205 Packs Huge Performance in a Tiny Package

Acer C205 Widescreen Logo_2.jpg

It's been quiet in the pico projection space lately.  Almost too quiet.  But don't mistake silence for a lack of innovation.  Today, Acer has unveiled an amazing new product, the C205 pico projector.


We Talk Pico Projection with the Expert on The Samsung Galaxy Beam!

AV Nation Widescreen Logo.png

Recently, we had the opportunity to sit down with THE expert on the Samsung Galaxy Beam smartphone.  If you've been living under a rock, the Galaxy Beam is the most advanced pico projector-enabled smartphone on the market.  In our latest podcast, we talk all-things Galaxy Beam related with Chris and praise the quality of his YouTube Channel.  There, you'll find all kind of great tips and tricks for the Galaxy Beam smartphone as well as for Android phones, in general.


MicroVision Announces Collaboration with Another Global Electronics Brand

MicroVision Widescreen Logo.jpg

Today, leading developer of laser-based pico projection displays MicroVision has announced that it is collaborating with a major global electronics brand on an "innovative smartphone product incorporating their PicoP display technology.  The companies plan to work together on this with a possible product introduction in the second half of 2015.


Lemoptix to Demonstrate Smartglasses Prototype This Month!

Lemoptix Widescreen Logo.JPG

Lemoptix, developer of advanced laser pico projection technology, has revealed that they will demonstrate a prototype smartglasses system at the AWE Conference this month.  While details are scarce, the prototype utilizes direct retina projection and patented holographic combiner technology.  The system was co-developed with Composyt Light Labs.