ESPlus Releases New Seeser Laser Pico Projector

Seeser laser Projector.JPG

ESPlus of Korea is releasing its Seeser laser pico projector at the Korea Electronics Show this week. 


As is the case with other laser-based pico projectors, the Seeser eliminates the need to focus and should generate vivid colors.  According to the Seeser website, this laser pico projector generates up to 25 ANSI lumens of output at SVGA (800x600) resolution.  In addition, the Seeser appears to have a slot for an SD Memory card and can accept a number of video input sources.  As we get more details, we will share them with you.  For now, the specifications about the Seeser laser pico projector are fairly limited.


Speculation has been floating around that MicroVision of Redmond, WA may be supplying the display engines for this product.  The timing does seem to fit with their recent announcement for an order for their PicoP® display engine.  Not to mention, you can see the characteristic scan lines of MicroVision's technology in the videos ESPlus has released.  We will be waiting for an official announcement before leaping to this conclusion.  It is curious that the specifications of the Seeser do not match the capabilities of the current display engine from MicroVision.  The current display engine from MicroVision generates only 15 lumens at WVGA (848x480) resolution.


Some videos have been floating around showing the Seeser in use.  A couple of these are shown below.  For all the videos, check out the Seeser YouTube channel.  We are requesting a review unit and will let you know if we will be getting one.  Stay tuned.